I can provide specialist advice and treatment on all aspects of Restorative Dentistry and offer the following services on a private basis:

- Diagnosis & treatment planning 

- 2nd opinions

- Specialist Dental Treatment 

- Medico legal reports (not currently available)

What is the benefit of seeing a specialist?
Specialists undergo further training and examinations to be in a position to deal with advanced dental disease, failing restorations that have a poor prognosis and the provision of extensive dental treatment.  My training in all specialties of restorative dentistry enables me to discuss all possible treatment options, which will help you decide which mode of treatment is most appropriate for you.
How you see me ?
Your Dentist will refer you if they think that you would benefit from my advice if they have concerns with diagnosing or managing your dental problems.
Why must you be referred rather than just booking an appointment ?
I only work on a referral basis to provide specific items of care as needed rather than undertaking routine dental check-ups and treatment.
In keeping with professional standards I am not in a position to see you directly without such a referral for two reasons:
1. It is unethical if I see you without your Dentist’s knowledge or approval as this may compromise your relationship with your Dentist / Practice and receiving your routine dental care.  In addition, your own Dentist can provide a background to your problems and outline treatments already undertaken which is valuable information
2. For optimal dental care it is recommended that routine care, alongside any specialist work, is provided on 6-12 monthly basis.  It is important that your Dentist is involved in any specialist referral work and can incorporate this into your maintenance plan.
Following a referral I will write to you to advise on booking details and after an examination I will provide a report and treatment plan you and your Dentist and if required undertake the treatment. 
Data Protection
I am registered as the Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office
Reg #Z215348X
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