Fees - 2016

Whilst all treatment plans and needs are customised and costs will vary as an approximate guide my fees are:

  • Diagnostic stage using models of your teeth for treatment planning – £425
  • Snoring Appliances (metal/acrylic design) - £650

  • Cobalt Chrome (metal) dentures – £1750
  • Acrylic dentures – upper and lower set £2,500; single denture £1,600
  • Periodontal treatment – based on £275 per appointment
  • Endodontic treatment –£600 per tooth
  • Veneers - £600
  • Crowns – £700
  • Bridges – based on £700 per tooth
  • Implants – based on £2,900 per implant.

When comparing costs please note the following stages that I undertake to achieve an optimum outcome.

Dentures : Approximately 8-10 appointments to undertake an extensive and detailed construction process based on optimal guidelines and appointment scheduling along with careful review and adjustments so as not to lose any detail.

  1. First basic impression
  2. Careful adjustment of the teeth, if necessary, before the second detailed impression

  3. Determine the biting position

  4. First denture try-in to assess the appearance, fit and bite

  5. Further try-ins as needed

  6. Fitting of the denture(s)

  7. Review appointments for any adjustments.

Crowns and Bridges : Approximately 6-8 appointments involving:

  1. Starting impressions

  2. Preparation of teeth and construction of temporary crowns/bridges

  3. Review/Reassessment to ensure you are happy with the design and you are able to undertaken the advanced cleaning techniques which I will show you or monitoring of the gum contour if any teeth have been extracted.

  4. Impressions of the temporaries (to act as guide for laboratory) and of the teeth for the laboratory to construct the crowns/bridges

  5. Try-in of the crown/bridge try-in to assess the appearance, fit and bite and any adjustment as needed. Return to the laboratory for final polishing

  6. Fitting of the crowns/bridges

  7. Review appointments to check cleaning techniques are maintained.

Dental implants : I offer a fixed fee for the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants which accounts for all stages rather than these being charged as extras. It accounts for the following extensive clinical stages over approximately 10 appointments :

  • Preparation (discussions, impressions and production of guide stents) for implant surgery
  • Implant placement (stage 1) surgery and follow up over the subsequent weeks.

  • Implant uncovering (stage 2) surgery once the implant has healed

  • Impressions, fitting of the temporary teeth (start of stage 3) and follow-up of the healing, cleaning and appearance (3-4 appointments)

  • Once the gums have stabilised the restorative stages are completed with a further impression and provision of the final teeth based on temporary stage (appearance, feel, function and ease of cleaning), further reviews to ensure satisfaction and final xrays.

The fixed fee excludes extractions and any implant bone grafting which are not always required.

Bone grafting is discussed during the treatment planning stages (but as a summary charges are either £200 for grafting materials at the time of implant placement [no procedure fee is charged] whereas bone grafting before implant surgery would be £500 [material charge of £200 and procedure fee of £300].

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